Introducing the only irons with flat iron technology.
Featuring titanium-infused ceramic soleplates and over 300 steam holes for superior performance.

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Buy these products

With CHI® Flat Iron Technology

Titanium-Infused Ceramic Soleplate
Over 300 Steam Holes for Superior

Easy Steam

CHI® Easy Steam

Hands-Free Steaming: When it comes to fashion, the steamer has been a go-to tool, ensuring clothes are smooth, wrinkle-free and ready for wear. Now imagine a way to steam without standing over your fabrics, searching for that perfect angle or wondering if you missed a spot. CHI® introduces the first of its kind — CHI® Easy Steam

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Over 300 Steam Holes
Precise Temperature Control
10' Cord

CHI Professional Iron (13101)

Over 400 Steam Holes
Illuminated Temperature Control
Swivels for Easy Filling
8' Retractable Cord

CHI Electronic Retractable Iron (13102)

Touchscreen Technology
Over 400 Steam Holes
10' Cord

CHI Touchscreen Iron (13103)

Over 400 Steam Holes
8' Retractable Cord
Easy Access Waterfill

CHI Retractable Clothing Iron (13106)

Hands-Free Steaming

Collapsible Garment Bag for Easy Storage

CHI Easy Steam
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